1.Since when is Jinemed performing hair transplantation operations ?

The operations have being performed since 2001..

2. Which techniques are performed at Jinemed ?

Jinemed prefers to use the FUE ( follicler unit extraction) method for the operations. This technique gives better results compared to the FUT ( follicler unit transplantation) technique. The main difference is with the FUE we can replace single units to the cells on the bold areas , but with FUT we need to place grafts over a line and not all get implanted. Also at the beginning of the operation there was a surgical opening on the person's head but with the FUE this surgical operation is not necessary.But in certain cases we can also combine both techniques. FUE does not leave a scar on the head as well.

3. Before the operation?

A consultation will be done with the doctor. The patient shall not use alcohol for a few days before the operation. It is dangerous for patients with cardiac problems and hypertension problems to undergo this operation. We we wouldnt recommend the operation on them. The patient shall eat before the operation.

3.: How long does the operation last ?

The operation lasts for 4-5 hours mainly. The patient watches movies or reads magazines during this time.

4. How many grafts can you implant and which areas do you consider as donor areas ?

We mainly implant 2500-3000 grafts however with some patients we also implanted 4000-4500 units. We take the grafts mainly from the back of the head. In some cases chest hair could also be used. In the FUE operation the head is shaved.

5. After the operation :

The head will be covered with bandages which will be replaced the following day. A hat will be carried for 3 days. The head will be cleaned with special lotions and creams everyday for 15 days. Antibiotics will also be used.


We request the first pictures after 3 months and the following one after 8 months. Some patients may need to have 2-3 operation

7.How long to stay in Istanbul ?

The patient is required to stay in istanbul for 3 days. The first day is for the consultation, the second day is for the operation and the third day is for the return trip. Stay in the clinic at a private room with private bath is complimentary. The patient also received complimentary food for the duration of the stay 3 times a day.

8. How do you take the payments ?

To schedule the appoinment 20% of the total is paid.  The rest would be paid in Istanbul after the consultation