Hair Transplantation

TYPE OF BALDNESS How to reach good results - FUE Technique FUE stand for Follicular Unit Extraction. This means the “taken out of the hair follicles” 1 by 1 from the back of the head( donor area)...

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World-Class Treatment, Personalized Service At Hair-Turkey, we understand that traveling for medical services is a new concept. The medical tourism field is starting to flourish not only in Europe...

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İSTANBUL TOURS Masterpieces of Byzantine Art and Architecture (half day tour) First we visit the church of Saint Saviour, now the Kariye Museum. World famous because of her well preserved mosaics...

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Tourism Links

For information about Istanbul: Time Out Istanbul Magazine

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Medical Branches

Other Branches offered at Jinemed Hospital. Obstetrics and Gynecology: Jinemed Medical Centers are specialised in OBGYN. We follow closely all the developments in OBGYN and apply new advances...

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Visa Asistance

You will need a passport and a visa to Turkey. For American and European residents, it is usually problem free to enter Turkey. Turkish Visas can be obtained in the airport upon arrival. The cost is...

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Hotel Accommodation

Hair Turkey offers both economic hotels, and luxury hotels in Istanbul. From the most economic to the most expensive hotels go as follows: WIFI internet int he room is available. Closest hotel to the...

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Beard & Mustache Transplantation specialists can also help with beard and mustache transplantations. The treatment is the same as hair transplantation. Hair follicles will be taken out from the back of the head with...

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PRP Method

PLATELET RICH PLASMA method involves the application of platelet cells and plasma cells from your blood to the areas of your head where there is hair loss. This is done via injections. Platet cells...

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