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Do you have history of baldness in the family?
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Which type of hair loss describes your case?
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Which type of hair loss describes your case?
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Hair Transplantation

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Beard and Mustache Translantation

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  • Scheduling patient
  • Cutting Edge Medical Technologies
  • Preparing Patient
  • 4000 graths hair transplantation with FUE Technichque
  • Taking and recording
  • 2 Nights of single room hotel accomodation with breakfast
  • Electronic medical records
  • Airport Pick up and Drop off Service
  • Experience and Profiency
  • Meditcations an lotions for after care

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ISTANBUL TOURS Masterpieces of Byzantine Art and Architecture (half day tour) First we visit the church of Saint Saviour, now the Kariye Museum.

About İstanbul

Istanbul is the most famous city of Turkey, offering nothing less than modern metropolis such as London, Paris, New York. Istanbul is also very

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    Ben Howell

    I was recommended this clinic by two separate friends who had their hair done. They told me how good it was and the value for money it provided. It didn’t disappoint. I haven’t seen the full result yet because I’ve only had the op done this week. But I can’t praise Zuhal enough and the friendly surgeons who did my op. Great service from start to finish and the attentive aftercare has so far been brilliant.

    In a market where objectiveness is difficult to measure, this is a five start review from a third person in a chain… excellent stuff!

    Norman Swift

    I had my transplant nearly 2 years ago and I’m amazed at the end results . ouldnt have asked for a better experience from start to finish. zuhal and the staff at jinemhed are amazing. I would highly recommend them to anyone thinking about getting this done

    Scotty Wall

    Absolutely amazing service from consultation thorough to taking off my bandages the day after surgery.

    It was a big move coming to Turkey by myself for such a delicate procedure but it’s been amazing. My patient coordinator was Zuhal who was there to answer all of my 1000 questions pre operation and arranged everything from transfers from the airport to hotel accommodation and was there to meet me on the morning of the operation to put my mind at ease.

    The surgeon and the team again were excellent, the whole team made me feel comfortable and I could tell they all took a lot of pride in their work drawing my new hairline until I was happy. I was then lead into the room for the procedure which as you can appreciate takes time to extract and implant each follicle one at a time.

    After the surgery I was greeted by another surgeon who was there to offer me fine Turkish tea and walked me back the short distance to the hotel accommodation, again offering me lots of aftercare advice.

    The following day I was back to remove my bandages and clean up my scalp. New patients were in the next day going through the same procedures asking how I was!

    Good luck to you all and thanks again

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