Frequently Asked Questions

The head will be covered with bandages which will be replaced the following day. A hat will be carried for 3 days. The head will be cleaned with special lotions and creams everyday for 15 days. Antibiotics will also be used.

Results are visible after 6 months earliest. Firstly implanted hair will fall down, and then regrow. The regrowth will deliver best results on the 12th month.

The patient is required to stay in istanbul for 3 days. The first day is for the consultation, the second day is for the operation and the third day is for the return trip. Stay in the clinic at a private room with private bath is complimentary. The patient also received complimentary food for the duration of the stay 3 times a day.

Patients mainly need 2500-3000 grafts. As Hair-Turkey we increase this number to 4000 grafts for all patients whose donor area is sufficient for this. More grafts mean better tickening and better results.

We consider the back of the head as the only donor area. We do not use the chest hair due to low success rates.