Hair Transplantation

It should also be noted that FUE clinics or individual FUE doctors should emerge from their previous experience in Strip surgery and documented results. This is the only way that can be proved that they have mastered the process of hair transplantation. It is therefore recommended that FUE patients choose their FUE clinic based on either its previous Strip results or its current FUE results.

FUE enables the surgical team to offer small Hair Transplant sessions from  500 grafts, especially to patients who are at the initial stages of hair loss and might need to cover only their hairline or temporal area, to 4000 grafts for patients who have much bigger bald area. In this technique the head is shaved completely and donor area is mainly chosen as the neck part between the 2 ears. Collection of grafts occur 1 buy 1  through special 0.6-0.8mm small punches. Mainly a graft has 1 to 3 hair units. This 1 by 1 collection is the actual meaning of FUE, Follicler Unit Extraction. In the past when the strip method was popular, hair  was taken in groups and were then grouped by 1 to 3 follicler units.

During the collection, the skin was damaged. In FUE technique this is most likely over.  Collected units via FUE are then transferred into the bald cells of the person. The whole process takes about 4 hours for a person who needs between 2000-3000 grafts of hair. During this time the patient is under local anesthesia and doesnt feeel any pain. The patient is awake , can read books, watch a movie during the procedure. Since this is a non-invasive procedure, there are no cuts and there are no marks on the head. But as you watch in the movie, there is small bleedings during hair collection, cell openings and hair implantation.


As you can watch in the movie this procedure is a team work. The plastic surgeon and his team of 3-4 qualified specials share the work of collection, cell recognition, hair preparation and then hair implantation. The collected units are hold outside for about 10-20 minutes. The faster it is , the better it is for their liveliness. In such teamwork, the waiting outside is not more than this figure.

People have  about 100.000 follicles and about 70-100 follicles per cm2. Hair loss is visible when these numbers fall by half or triple. Therefore thickness of the follicles shall be more than 40-50 cm2. The type of the hair plays an important role here as well. If the hair is thinner then more grafts are needed for the implantation.  In FUE the angle of the implantation of the hair is important to reach natrual results. This is the art of the work.

The criteria can be thought as the following :

  • Front lines by 50-60 degrees angle, hair in front of the ears by 35-40 degrees, back part of the top by 40-45 degrees. 

The implanted hair support falls out after the operation within 2-3 months period and starts to regrow. The regrowth takes about 6 months- 1 year. Therefore, our clients shall be patient for the results. In FUE the patient's hair is shaved completely. Some patients may have  social concerns  about this fact at .  However if a person is really interested in the procedure, and can ignore the social concerns , then we recommend this procedure as the best possible solution to the hair loss.  Besides the back of the head , FUE method can also be used for extracting body hair, thus giving the ability to patients with little or no scalp hair to expand their donor possibilities.

After the operation special creams and shampoos are given to the patients and instructions are given how to apply them. Patients are required to stay 2 nights in Istanbul.