10 Reasons To Get Your Hair Transplant Surgery in Turkey 

If you’ve been thinking about hair transplantation and not sure if the treatment given in your country fits your needings  then traveling abroad will be the best to consider. Hair transplants abroad have become ever more popular in recent years. Traveling for hair transplant gives you the opportunity to choose from fantastic locations where you can both get your treatment and explore new places. 

If you are planning to get hair transplantation abroad than you must consider Turkey in top of the list. 

Turkey is the leading country for hair transplant surgeries. Turkey offers you the best treatment in clinics that are JCI-accredited or have received their highest national medical accreditation, with world renowned doctors… 

Now, lets have a deep look why you must get your hair transplant in Turkey… 

1- Getting Hair Transplant in Turkey is Affordable, Turkey as a leading country provides hair transplant surgeries with very affordable prices. As an example; for 2000 grafts FUE hair transplant procedure in Turkey, you’d be looking at prices starting at $1.500 – nearly 70% less than you’d be paying in the UK. The good news is you will pay less but what you get will be the top-quality service. Getting hair transplant in Turkey means; better prices, all inclusive packages, no surprise bills (pricing). 

2- Hair transplantation is one of the most developed procedures in Turkey. 

Turkey is a top destination for individuals from Middle Eastern countries and European countries looking to get hair transplants, an important component of the country’s health care tourism. Being that much popular brings the expertise, as over 20,000 travelers land in Turkey every year for treatment. 

The more you perform the more you get developed… This maybe the keyword, for the ones seeking to get the best treatment. The increase in the demand for Turkey hair transplantation provides biggest motivation for technical development. While trying to respond to this demand in the best way Turkey adopts the principle of using the latest technologies and treatments.  

3- Turkey provides best aftercare services: Aftercare, is a handicap for the ones traveling abroad. Hair transplantation procedures are in the group of surgeries where aftercare is of utmost importance. When you plan to have a surgery abroad you must also plan at least a week staying to get a fully healing aftercare process. Turkey offers luxury with affordable prices during the hari transplant aftercare process. 

4- Turkey offers modern accredited facilities: In Turkey most of the clinics are certificated with modern accreditations. JCI is one of these accreditation, maybe the most important… Having a JCI accreditation, guarantee’s that you will get the high quality medical care. Istanbul is the hotspot for hair transplant surgeries. There are around 180 centers of hair transplantation in Istanbul, including hospitals and clinics. 

5- Flying to Turkey is Cheap… Tickets to Turkey are quite reasonable, especially when booked early. The average price of a ticket from USA to Istanbul is around $500 when it is booked a few months before the operation date. The average cost of a ticket from european countries is around $300 if you book early.

6- There is Always a Doctor in Turkey that fits your expectations… With years of experience in the field of hair transplantation, Turkey offers a wide range of doctors. Turkey has a good healthcare system with more than 1,500 plastic surgeons having board certificates and members of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).

7- There are no waiting lists in Turkey; In Turkey all hair transplant procedures are very well organized. Not like other countries (such as United Kingdom or United States) there are no waiting lists.  As you contact to the clinic that you want to get your hair transplant the schedule will be planned as soon as possible. 

8- It is very safe to get your hair Transplant in Turkey; Safety is important when you plan to travel abroad to get any treatment. Turkey with international standards clinics and hospitals, affordable prices, skilled expert teams and experienced patient consultants offers trust. And with positive results and satisfied patient reviews in hair transplant field, Turkey proves that this trust worth it… 

9- Turkey promises natural results… In Turkey all types of hair transplant surgeries are performed professionally. After the first consultation your doctor will recommend the best treatment that fits your needings. And your treatment will performed with aesthetic result oriented. Achieving natural results is the main target of hair transplant surgeries performed in Turkey. 

10- Turkey is an attractive, impressive and amazing destination with natural beauties, historical past and culture. First of all Istanbul/Turkey is the bridge that connects Asia to Europe. There is no other country, all across the universe that connects two continents together. This is by its own an impressive experience… You may enjoy your time, during your hair transplant procedure and visit many historical places, explore art and architectural values that are carried today from the Byzantium period and the Ottoman Empire… 

If you are looking for the best hair transplant procedure Hair Turkey (Opal Clinic) is the right address for you. For further information please contact with us…

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