How Successful is Hair Transplant? 

Hair transplantation is a more effective and successful method to restore hair growth than any other hair restoration products and procedures. But there are some factors to consider such as the experience of the surgeon, skills, thickness of the hair, the quality & quantity of the donor side hair may effect the success rates of hair transplantation. 

Do hair transplants last for a lifetime?

Once the hair transplant procedure is complete, the transplanted follicles begin to grow hair and fill out the bald patches. Hair maintains the characteristics of where it was taken from, regardless of where it’s implanted.  

Generally a hair transplant are designed to be permanent and it will last for your entire lifetime. However, hair loss is progressive and it might require multiple procedures to get the desired results. 

Does hair transplant give 100% success?

An experienced surgeon will plan the implantation angle, hair color, texture, direction, and diameter of the grafts to provide a natural appearance and achieve 100% of success on the results. 

Are hair transplants worth it?

Some studies and statistics outcomes with a rate that 94% of the individuals who takes hair transplantation surgery are satisfied with the results. With a high success rate, hair transplant surgeries helps you to gain self-confidence back by improving appearance with long-lasting results. 

Can a hair transplant fail?

A failed hair transplant is very uncommon, rare but possible.The key to ensure hair transplant meets or exceeds expectations is to work with an experienced and expert doctor. For a successful hair transplant the first consultation is important. If you are working with an experienced and expert doctor he/she can easily analyze whether if the quality and quantity of your existing follicles are strong enough to survive after hair transplant surgery. Also a hair transplant specialist should be able to evaluate if your medical history and recent condition is suitable for a hair transplant surgery. Although hair transplant is an excellent solution for male and female pattern baldness, this doesn’t means that everyone is a suitable candidate for the procedure. 

During the procedure, preservation of each follicular unit must be handled carefully and positioned correctly. This part of the procedure needs a skill that requires precision, dexterity, and experience. An improperly handled graft may  cause the hair follicles to dry out that leads the hair transplant fail. 

Poor postoperative care is also a factor that may cause hair transplant fail. After the procedure, your doctor will give you a detailed instructions on how to care for your new hair grafts. If you follow your surgeon’s directions you will not experience any problems. 

Can your body reject a hair transplant?

Hair transplant is a surgical reconstruction procedure in which hair from other parts of the individual is implanted into the needed area. In this procedure, both the donor and the recipient are the person him/herself. Therefore, the body does not develop a reaction to the follicles after the transfer. In extremely rare situations, failures of hair transplant can happen. The main reason for this is just because of the transplants performed by unqualified surgeon’s. 

Where to go for a successful hair transplant in Turkey? 

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