Micro hair transplant techniques

Alopecia is defined as a hair loss disease that affects both men and women and can be emotionally difficult. It often leads to lower self-esteem and reduce self-confidence. Actually, these simple hairs are one of the most important physical characteristics and the most difficult to hide. Our hair is part of our personality and hair loss can affect our mental health because we do not recognize ourselves anymore, we no longer identify ourselves in each other’s eyes. Depression and hair loss are linked so we might feel dispossessed, depreciated or fragile. When we have to deal with a new physical appearance, then we might feel uncomfortable, embarrassed or worried. In worst cases, some people may even feel depressed.

However, micro hair transplant techniques do exist with very convincing results. These pioneering, non-painful techniques will never leave any scars. One of the technique is actually known as FUE: Follicular Unit Extraction. This technique involves removing the hair one by one from an area where they are plenty of them and then follow a hair implant procedure. Rejection of transplanted hair is non-existent since we will use your own hair, infections are extremely rare. The result is extremely natural and will be noticed in the next few weeks. Other hair implant techniques exist and they all depend on the degree of damage. Hair surgery can give you the appearance that you desire and help people to make them feel attractive and happy.


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