What is Fue Hair Transplant? 

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is the name given to the process of transferring hair follicles taken from the individual follicular units (tiny bundles of hair follicles) from the sides and back of the head to the area where hair’s thinner or absent. 

FUE is one of the most popular hair transplant procedure as, FUE technique provides results that looks more natural and has no visible scars. 

FUE hair transplant technique is performed with a cylindrical instrument named micro motor. Using micro-motors with a diameter of 0.6 to 1 mm each follicular unit is harvested meticulously. Each follicular unit kept in the storage solution named Hypothermosol FRS. 

As all the grafts harvested, the most important process of FUE hair transplanting starts. The surgeon will open channels angled by the natural growth direction of the individuals hair and plant the hair follicles. 

FUE hair transplant technique provides re-creation of natural hairline, thickness, and growth patterns. 

What are The Pros and Cons of FUE Hair Transplant Surgery?

PROS of FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

With FUE hair transplant technique the scars are less obvious even for the individuals who likes to wear short hair or have a thin hair density.

Recovery time is relatively short after FUE technique as a comparation to the other hair transplant procedures. 

The individuals are able to return back to work within a few days after FUE hair transplant surgery. 

FUE hair transplant is a “life-changing” procedure that boost in confidence. 

FUE hair transplant provides a more natural look. 

FUE technique has less postoperative maintenance and surgical discomfort.

Initial healing takes only two to four days with FUE hair transplant. This quick recovery allows sport activities to be resumed after one week. 

Cons of FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

FUE hair transplant surgery, to minimize scarring, the amount of the harvested follicular units are limited. 

FUE hair transplant technique is a painstaking procedure for both individuals and doctors. It may take hours or 2 days for the procedure complete as the harvesting and implanting graft amount increases. 

Slightly has less growth rate compared to FUT (Strip) due to higher transection. 

The entire donor area has to be shaved before a FUE hair transplant surgery which is not an appealing prospect for women and other people with long hair. There are long hair FUE harvesting techniques, in which small sections of hair are shaved so that the longer hairs surrounding the shaved section cover the shaved area. 

How Much Does FUE Hair Transplant Surgery Costs?

Average FUE hair transplant costs can vary. Below, you will find approximately FUE hair transplant costs for 2000 grafts as starting prices compared to a selection of countries. 

Country Price (EUR €)

  • Turkey €1,750
  • Poland €2,700
  • Hungary €2,900
  • Germany €3,000
  • Spain €3,200
  • Thailand €3,600
  • Mexico €3,800
  • USA €4,960
  • United Kingdom €5,000
  • Ireland €10,500

Turkey is one of the top 10 countries with the most developed medical tourism. Hair transplantation is one of the most developed procedure in Turkey with the quality of care offered and the standard of facilities is exceptionally high. Turkey offers both affordability and quality together for FUE hair transplant surgery. 

Who’s a Good Candidate for FUE Hair Transplant Surgery?

  • There are a few characteristics for being an ideal candidate for FUE hair transplant procedures. First of all, there has to be an adequate donor hair. 
  • The male hormone dihydrotestosterone is one of the main causes of male-pattern baldness. This type of hair loss is  characteristized as a receding hairline or baldness at the crown or temple. If you are diagnosed with male-pattern baldness than you are a good candidate for FUE hair transfer procedure. 
  • The individuals that take care of themselves make for great hair transplant candidates. The studies shows that fit healthy patients have better immune system that protects them from any infections and they can recover more quickly.
  • Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is the best treatment for the ones who has or likes to have short hairstyle. FUE provides  lack of a linear scar and the scarring is less noticeable than other hair transplant procedures. 
  • The best advisable age for a hair transplant is 25+. The candidates under 25 the hair loss pattern, or its severity can not fully determined. 

Is FUE hair transplant permanent?

How long results last?” is one of the most common question that the individuals asks. All types of hair transplantation procedures including FUE hair transplant surgery the results are considered permanent. Even after implanted into the balding areas of the scalp, the transplanted hair follicles retain the characteristics of their origin and continue to grow for life.  

What to Expect during FUE Hair Transplant Recovery?

  • The success level for FUE is based on the skill, knowledge, and experience of the doctor performing the procedure. Turkey is one of the leading country on the procedure FUE hair transplant. The studies show that, in Turkey FUE transplants can be just as successful as the more traditional FUT method, with graft survival rates of 90%. 
  • After an FUE procedure recovery is fast, but it takes about 10 days for the donor area to look fully healed. 
  • The first few days there will be scabbing and a pink look like a sunburn can be watched on the transplanted area. This is a normal healing process. Your surgeon will recommend you what to to or not to do. 
  • During FUE hair transplant recovery, to ensure the best results it is recommend not to wash your hair for 48 hours after the procedure. 
  • When you start washing your hair, try not to scrubble and apply less water pressure. 
  • After FUE transplant surgery it takes only 3 days waiting time to turn back normal activities and light exercises, such as walking and light yoga. But, for strenuous activities such as swimming, cardio, running or weight lifting you have to wait at least 10 days. 

How Soon you see Results After FUE? 

It takes about 12 to 24 months to see the final results. The healing process after FUE has 2 steps called anagen effluvium and dormant. Anagen Effluvium is the first step that takes place after the first three to eight weeks. In this first step after FUE the transplanted hairs will fall down. About two to four months the hair will post-up. 50% of the transplanted hairs will grow in within about five months. The “dormant” step takes place between surgery and new hair growth. It typically takes two to three months. As, each individual is unique, each hair is unique either and the growth cycles will run on its own clock. 80% of the transplanted hairs will grow in at eight months. 

What are the Risks and Potential side effects of FUE?

FUE hair transplant surgery is considered safe with minimal risks and side effects. For all types of hair transplant surgeries the common risks can be summarized as  excessive bleeding and infection. 

To prevent bleeding its recommended not to drinking alcohol and avoid taking any medications that can thin the blood before and after FUE hair transplant surgery. 

To prevent infection your surgeon will give some medications after FUE hair transplant surgery. 

Common side effects of FUE hair transplant surgery includes swelling, pain, itching and scab. Besides scalp numbness and ingrown hairs can be seen on the areas where hair was removed or implanted. These are the side effects that can easily treated or healed. 

FUE Hair Transplant procedure itself doesn’t cause any pain however the results following the surgery may be tender and painful.

Is it safe to get an FUE hair transplant in Turkey?

Turkey, is one of the safest country where you can take your hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant is the most developed procedure in Turkey. Between 150-500 hair transplant surgeries performed each week.

Turkey offers international standards clinics and hospitals, affordable prices, skilled expert teams and experienced patient consultants. Around 5000 patients flies to Turkey each month for hair transplant. 

Besides expertise on hair transplant surgeries, with natural beauties, historical past and culture Turkey is a popular destination for medical tourists seeking hair-transplant operations. 

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